Photography by Matt Eich, essay by Spencer Strub. Edited by Christy Wiles for Issue 1, October 2011.

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In Brief:

From the tall grass and glassy waters of the bayou to a family owned and operated alligator farm in Houma, Louisiana, “Trouble in…


I met Angelo during one of the many fashion weeks and what struck me about him was his quiet cool. He’s not a chap that seems to walk into the line of photographers instead he goes about his business and seems to carry himself the same whether the lens is on him or not. Meet Angelo…


Here we go again. There’s a rumor circulating that Apple will introduce an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5 at the Fall music event this year. The iPhone 4 has only been out for 14 months and it’s selling like mad, so to me, the idea that we’re going to get an iPhone 5 so early seems very, very…


Mandiant’s free Redline tool is designed for “triaging hosts suspected of being compromised or infected while supporting in-depth live memory analysis.” The new utility is meant to replace Audit Viewer, which was Mandiant’s earlier memory analysis tool. Both programs rely on Memoryze for…


When analyzing malware using behavioral techniques, it’s often useful to intercept network connections in your lab. Since malicious software commonly uses hostnames when communicating with network resources, you can redirect such connections by defining the desired hostname to IP address mapping….






QuickMark Windows Phone 7Are you a Windows Phone 7 user? If so, what about giving our QuickMark Lite QR Code Reader app a try? It is free and can be downloaded from the Windows Marketplace. (Try searching ‘quickmark’ straight from your phone’s Marketplace.)

QuickMark Lite is a very simple app for scanning and…


In the last 1.0 hundred years mobility was largely about automobile ownership. The conversation now moves to the role of vehicles in a more complex mobility mix. How must automakers adapt?

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